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Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Addis Ababa Office -  Embassy of Italy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
P.O. Box: 1105 Addis Ababa – ETHIOPIA
Telephone: +251-11-1239600/01/02
Fax: +251-11-1239603

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Our experts:

Andrea Ghione

Senior Economist: agriculture, pastoralism, industry, finance, microfinance, Private sector development and nutrition.

Filippo Archi
Programme Officer - Private sector

Alessia Riccardi
Regional Programme Coordinator - Emergency, Migration and Humanitarian Affairs

Simone Cicolin
Regional Programme Assistant - Emergency, Migration and Humanitarian Affairs

Alessia Cioni
Programme Coordinator - Emergency, Migration and Humanitarian Affairs - Ethiopia

Giovanna Ferrari
Programme Officer - Emergency

Thomas Tamanini
Wash Advisor - WASH Sector

Silvia Cardascia
Programme Officer - WASH Sector

Elisa Rossetto
Communication Officer -  Migration Sector

Francesca Monteverdi
Communication Officer - UNDESA Fellow

Benedetta Camilli
Programme Officer - Agriculture and Rural Development

Luca Ferruzzi
Programme Coordinator - Inclusive and Sustainable Development Oromia Value Chains

Giulia Giacomuzzi
Programme Coordinator -  Education and Gender

Rossella Belli

Programme Coordinator - Gender Sector

Simona Leali
Programme Officer – Education and Gender

Laura Pecoraro
Assistant Coordinator - Health Sector (HSDP)

Laura Porcellato
Health Programme Assistant (HSDP)

Tiziana Fusco
Programme Officer - Governance Sector

Carlo Russo
Programme Coordinator - Migration Sector - Since Programme

Fabio Moni
Finance and Contract Administrator - Migration Sector - Since Programme


Sergio Quattrocchi
Emergency Programme Coordinator


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