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5 Scholarships are available for the First International Summer School in Geothermic Italy - 28th of November, 16th of December 2016

Geothermal energy is a renewable low-carbon energy source with the capability to provide base load electricity and its potential appears particularly promising in countries located along the Great Rift Valley and in particular in volcanoes magma chambers and related geothermal-hydrothermal systems.

We are glad to announce that between the 28 November and the 16 December 2016, the First International Summer School in Geothermic will take place in Lardarello and Pisa (Italy). This summer school reserves 5 places for students, technicians and officials from public administrations, universities and research centres in Ethiopia and Djibouti among other Countries.

The three-week intensive lectures and laboratory work will provide a window of opportunity for participants to provide a basic training on all aspects of research and utilization of geothermal resources. The school will be complemented by specific details on new techniques that allow participants to increase their knowledge. This will be reached throughout lectures and laboratories activities enriched by a special tutoring of experienced staff using the facilities and the academic expertise of the University of Pisa and the Laboratory of Centre of Excellence of Geothermal Energy of the COSVIC (Italian Consortium for the Development of Geothermal Energy). Thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation through the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), the scholarships will include travel and living expenses to the selected participants.

All submissions of candidates should be sent to the UNEPARgeo Programme at the following address:

Ms. Meseret Teklemariam Zemedkun (Ph.D)
Tel: (+254) 0702 396 418

Deadline for submissions is the 30th of August 2016.

Further information is available of the web-site of the initiative:


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