What We Do - Water and hygiene
Access to water and sanitation facilities plays a key role  in addressing  sustainable development, improvement of health  conditions and  eradication of poverty and hunger.The Millennium Development Goals set the important target of halving the share of the population without sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation by 2015.

100% access to water and sanitation in Ethiopia still represents an ambitious target which requires a consistent and collective effort from Government and Development Partners. WASH represents one of the main sectors of the intervention of Italian Development Cooperation (IDC) in Ethiopia.

IDC is supporting the local Government in providing rural and urban communities inhabitant with better access to water and sanitation facilities, thus improving hygiene conditions and ensuring sustainable socio-economic development. Particular attention is given to women and children, representing the most vulnerable members of the communities with poor access to improved WASH facilities.  

During 2009-2012, IDC has supported the WASH sector with almost 11 MEUR.

We currently work both at rural and urban level in order to improve water and sanitation services in 5 small cites over the country and in 5 rural districts of Oromia Region.  
We also support UNICEF programme aimed at strengthening capacities of key regional and district sector authorities.

A new emergency program in the drought-stricken areas of Ethiopia , focused on WASH and health sectors, has just been lunched.

Furthermore, Italy grants its support to several Italian NGOs which are present in the country and active in the WASH sector. A special focus is also dedicated to the strengthening of capacities and skills of sector authorities and local communities.



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