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Completion of first Geomatic Training

A ceremony to mark the completion of the first Geomatic training cycle in the context of the Ethio-Italian project “Strengthening Regional Development Planning in Oromia Region” will take place today, March 21st, at the Italian Culture Institute of Addis Ababa, at the presence of the Italian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Renzo Rosso.

The project, started in 2010 and supported by the Italian Development Cooperation, aims at strengthening the planning capacities of the Oromia Region’s Institutions and making the Regional and local development fully consistent with the population needs and the resources availability in the Region.

The support, in terms of capacity building and institutional strengthening, is mainly given to the Physical Planning and Regional Statistical Information Department of the Bureau of Finance and Economic Development BoFED and to 9 woredas of the zones Arsi, Jimma and Shewa. Other departments are also receiving some training and equipment.

The training, carried out by the Italian company Lotti Ingegneria through teachers of each sector from a wide range of Italian Institutions, has being focused on the following technologies: GIS, Earth Observation, Open Source, Linux and Database. The cycle of trainings, started last December and completed today, has benefited 23 employers (17 from Zones and 6 from BoFED).

So far, a web-based application - constituted by a GIS and Database components -has been realized in order to collect and insert the relevant data related to health, education, agriculture, water and natural resources and to get statistical and geographical reports out of them. Socio-economic indicators and indexes have also been developed in order to improve the regional planning process.

According to the Italian Ambassador, Renzo Rosso: “The final beneficiaries of this initiative will be the people of the Oromia Region which will benefit of the enhanced planning coordination capacity in the use of natural resources of the territory in which they live”.


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