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Utl- Serie A: Using soccer to promote our work in Ethiopia

Utl- Serie A: Using soccer to promote our work in Ethiopia

Addis-Abeba,September 25th 2015 - The director of the Italian Cooperation Office , Mrs Ginevra Letizia, who was invited by EBC  during the Serie A game Napoli vs Lazio, has explained the  the role of the Utl  and its activities in Ethiopia.

What is the role of the Italian development cooperation in Ethiopia?

First of all, thanks for inviting us to the program. Coming to your questions, you know, Ethiopian is the main prior Country in all the Italian system of the Cooperation. Since more than two decades ( many years) we are working in a very strong framework thanks to our high and strategic partnership with the Ethiopian Institutions. We are supporting the population in most important sectors such as Water, Education, Health, Leather industry sector, Gender, Rural development including Agriculture and Food Security and Emergencies.

The Italian development cooperation has been very active in this project Serie A . What is the relationship between the Serie A and the Italian development cooperation?

-    You know football is very important for reaching many people because of its  popularity.  And I think that Ethiopia and Italy are similar in enjoying football. As the Italian Cooperation, we are very active  in  many sectors and we are using more and more  the media to tell the people about what we are doing. That’s why I am very happy to be here . I also really appreciate the fact that many young people, in the country like Nardos (Nardos Tegegne, Miss Ethiopia 2014 was also attending the program as testimonial of the Italian Cooperation in Ethiopia ) who is the Queen of Ethiopian beauty, and many others dynamic Ethiopian young people, excellent in their sector like Sport and culture, are supporting us as testimonials. I thing that if they have agreed to do it freely by the way, it is because  as young Ethiopians, they see and appreciate what we are doing in this very important country.

Today’s game is Napoli vs Lazio. Which team are you supporting tonight?

I am from Naples and of course, my heart is beating hardly as always for Napoli, our team. You know people sometimes forget that Napoli is the Team where Diego Maradona spent a lot of time  of his long football career in Europe. So we are glad to have had such a big champion in our city. Maradona is no more there, but Napoli is still one of the Top team of the Serie A. We can even say there is no Serie A without Napoli. Every year before the beginning of the season, Napoli is always between the team that are supposed to win the Scudetto, the Italian championship.

It’s not common to see ladies in Africa on TV to talk about football. What is the relationship between ladies and spots in Italy?

Personally when I was an adolescent I was always very involved in football activities. With my friends, we were talking about the games, penalties, offsite position and so on…Then I grew up and the responsibilities took me far away from football. But what I can say is that the Italian Society has reached a good level on promoting the gender in various sectors. Many or all the Sport Show like this one in Italy are presented by Anchor Women Journalists. That’s why am very happy to see that even in Ethiopia  thank to the Serie A project, you already have Nardos, as co presenter of this very important football  program. We as the Italian development cooperation we are working  a lot to increase the leadership of the Women in many sectors. Because modern countries are  those country which promote their ladies.

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