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The Development Cooperation comes from the need to ensure the respect for human dignity and ensure the economic growth of all peoples.

It intends to contribute to the international efforts aimed at alleviating global poverty and help developing countries improve the living conditions of their populations.

The overall objectives of cooperation are set out at the multilateral (UN, World Bank, OECD) and European Union level.The Millennium Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2000 set out the fundamental guidelines for policy development.The Italian Development Cooperation is present in Ethiopia since 1986.

In the last three years (2017-19), the allocated resources to the country have been around 125 million euros.In line with the Ethiopian Government’s objectives, as well as they are declined in the Growth and Transformation Plan, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Ethiopia has focused its activities in the following priority areas: agro-industry, basic services, good governance and migration.

Private Sector, Gender Equality and Humanitarian Assistance are other areas of intervention of the Italian Cooperation in Ethiopia.

Italy also provides its support to projects promoted by Italian NGOs and international organizations already in the country, mainly active in the social health and that of water.

The new Country Programme 2017-19, signed on 15 September 2017, will continue to respond to national priorities, to be in line with the objectives of the Government and will be implemented in close coordination with other Development Partners. The financial resources allocated, 98.9 million EUR, divided between gifts and soft loans, have doubled compared to the previous three years.

In the last 20 years, Italy has been active in Djibouti contributing to the improvement of the populations' living conditions. Over this period, Italy has allocated more than 96 million euros to the country.

With the proclamation of independence on 9 July 2011, the Italian Embassy of Addis Ababa has now the responsibility on South Sudan, and consequently its Development Cooperation Office is responsible for all cooperation activities implemented in the country.

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